Report 2020

February 1, 2021

We opened PhiMiSci for submissions in mid-2019 and the first articles were published in 2020. Now, we’d like to take stock and provide an overview of our first year, as well as outline our aims and plans for the future.

Call for Papers: The Neural Correlates of Consciousness – 20 years on

August 29, 2019

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Due to COVID-19 related circumstances, we extend the deadline for the celebratory volume on the neural correlate of consciousness until the end of April.  We hope that authors will be willing to review and make revisions in a timely manner in order to ensure publication in 2020.  Please email Sascha Benjamin Fink ( for inquiries. 


In 2000, MIT published „Neural Correlates of Consciousness: Empirical and Conceptual Questions“, edited by Thomas Metzinger. The volume brought together empirical neuroscientists, psychologists, anaesthesiologists, philosophers, all participants at the 2nd ASSC meeting in Bremen. Notably, the current standard definition of an NCC as that minimal neural activation sufficient for an experience was introduced by David Chalmers in this anthology. The science of consciousness has tremendously progressed since then, but the search for neural correlates of consciousness has remained at the core of this endeavour. Time to celebrate this progress, to take stock, and to raise new issues.

We invite empirical, conceptual, methodological and philosophical contributions on any aspect of the neural correlates of consciousness. But all submissions must discuss, address, and focus on the neural correlates of consciousness. Currently, the following contributors have voiced their support for this special issue: Bernard Baars, Tim Bayne, David Chalmers, Axel Cleeremans, John-Dylan Haynes, Jakob Hohwy, Steve Fleming, Sascha Benjamin Fink, Karl Friston, Peter König, Beate Krickel, Hakwan Lau, Holger Lyre, Tomas Marvan, Lucia Melloni, Thomas Metzinger, Albert Newen, Morten Overgaard, Michael Pauen, Michal Polak, Tobias Schlicht, Wolf Singer, Chen Song, Kai Vogeley, Wanja Wiese, Jennifer Windt.

Deadline for submissions will be 1st of April 2020, with the aim to publish the volume in full at the beginning of the last quarter of 2020. Please email Sascha Benjamin Fink ( for inquiries.