Call for Papers: Book Symposium on *Neuroethics: Agency in the Age of Brain Science* (OUP 2023) by Joshua May

Associate Editor: Carolyn Dicey Jennings

“Is free will an illusion? Is addiction a brain disease? Should we enhance our brains beyond normal? Neuroethics blends philosophical analysis with modern brain science to address these and other critical questions through captivating cases. The result is a nuanced view of human agency as surprisingly diverse and flexible. With a lively and accessible writing style, Neuroethics is an indispensable resource for students and scholars in both the sciences and humanities.” (from OUP)

Published in 2023, Neuroethics: Agency in the Age of Brain Science by Joshua May will be a critical resource for philosophers grappling with this burgeoning area of research. We plan to host a symposium in 2025 that will include commentaries by Jonathan PughAdina RoskiesStephen Morse, and Natalia Washington. We also welcome submissions from the wider philosophical and scientific community, which should be between 1,000 and 3,500 words and received by August 31st, 2024. Note that all submissions will be peer-reviewed and that we aim to select at most 3 additional commentaries. If you are unsure whether the perspective provided by your commentary is in line with the intended scope of the symposium, please send a pre-submission inquiry with an abstract of 100-300 words to For all submissions, please see the author’s précis, here

Deadlines and Schedule:

Pre-submission inquiries are welcome at any time.

Manuscript Submission Period: April 30th – August 31st, 2024

Estimated Publication Date: 2nd Quarter of 2025

Instructions for Author’s Submission can be found here.